Please note:

Reservations are necessary for all of our tours, classes, and lessons. Please call (707) 962-1623 for reservations.

Should I bring my camera?

It is up to you.  Many people bring their camera and find that they are so engaged in the tour that they forget to take photos.  For the shutterbug, we have an amazing tour with scenery and wildlife that you will enjoy capturing on film.  We don't assume responsibility for your camera so we recommend that you bring a waterproof type or waterproof housing, and/or a dry bag.  Contact us prior to your tour if you need to rent a dry bag from us.

Or let us take the photos for you.  We typically carry a camera with us during events and take photos and video.  At the end of the day, we upload our photos into our photo gallery so that you can see photos and videos from your adventure.  You can share the photos and videos with your friends and can purchase prints, downloads, or merchandise from the gallery.

Check out our photo gallery.