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Let it Rain!!!

Finally we are starting to get our regular fall rains on the Mendocino Coast.  We love the rain.  It is beautiful and renews our forests and watersheds.
mendocino wild mushrooms
For those that are planning to travel to the Mendocino Coast this fall or winter, don't let a rainy weather forecast deter you.  Pack your rain jacket and boots and enjoy one of the weather wonders that makes our area so beautiful.  Also know that even though a forecast might call for several days in a row of rain or showers - it is very typical for the sun to emerge during this time producing rainbows, dramatic skies, and wild mushrooms.

Kayaking in the rain Great Blue Heron on fishing in the quite magical.  We provide our guests with waterproof splashwear and use decked sea kayaks that make kayaking in the rain comfortable and really fun.  The wildlife doesn't seem to mind the rain.

We of course get really excited about rain because it makes the whitewater kayaking on mendocino's eel riverMendocino County Rivers flow which means WHITEWATER!!!  For those that want to learn to whitewater kayak, improve their skills, or run the Mendocino County Rivers with us, we have a full line-up of whitewater classes planned.  LFK's Whitewater I class will get you started with the basics.  LFK's Whitewater II puts your basic kayaking skills to work to catch eddies, ferry across channels, roll in current, and help friends in need.

Whitewater kayaking on Mendocino's Eel River
After you have the basic skills of Whitewater I and II under your skirt, take advantage of the 3 day weekend in January and perfect your river running skills in our Precision River Running Class.

Private lessons or custom group lessons are available as well.  Call or email us to schedule and then . . .

Let's do our rain dance and go to the river!!!

whitewater kayaking on mendocino's eel river

Fall Kayaking on the Mendocino Coast

Greetings Friends of Liquid Fusion Kayaking,Kayaking on Fort Bragg's Noyo River

We hope that you had a great summer.  Our summer sharing kayaking experiences on the Mendocino Coast was amazing.  We enjoyed sharing many firsts with a variety of folks.  For some it was that magical first time kayaking, others it was a special wildlife sighting on one of our tours, or getting their family out on the water. 

Paddlers who came to us for kayak surfing on the mendocino coastclasses and lessons had many firsts too -first time surfing a wave, first time doing an eskimo roll, first time combat roll, first time riding a pour-over, first time playing in a whitewater kayak . . .

We had a couple of firsts too.  This was the inagural year for our Mendocino Waves n Caves Kayaking Weekend.  We had a blast providing camping and meals.  It was especially great to have the same students for several days in a row and seeing their skills and confidence improve over the course of the weekend.  Here's our new Whitewater of the Sea YouTube Video that we shot during the Labor Day Waves and Caves Weekend.

So what does fall have in store for those that want to kayak on the Mendocino Coast?  LOTS of FUN!!!Sea kayak rock gardening on Mendocino Coast

We are doing a lot of teaching and guiding in the ocean - sea kayakingkayak surfing, whitewater of the sea, and rock gardening so it isn't likely that you will drive up and find us at our shop on the Noyo River.  Check out our calendar for an idea of our classes and special events.

We are offering tours and private lessons daily so if you don't see something on the calendar - call us up and let's get out there (please don't wait until the morning of as you may have missed us).

Werner Stikine Whitewater Paddle for SaleAlso - are you looking for a used kayak or gear?  If so, check out our kayak gear sale.  We are selling some of our used kayaks and gear to make way for new boats and gear in 2013.

We try to update our website and blogs but Facebook seems to be the best way to keep up with our latest photos and news.  Also if you want advance notice of our specials, use the contact us button and request to get our monthly newsletter.

We hope to see you on the water this fall.  Please call (707) 962-1623 or email us so we can share the magic with you!

Best of days on the water,

Jeff Laxier and Cate Hawthorne

Mendocino's Kayaking Couple


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