Sea Kayak Rock Garden Class on the Mendocino Coast

The Pour-over is one of the most popular and fun ocean rock gardening moves for both sea kayakers and whitewater kayakers. A pour-over is riding the swell or wave over a rock. The saying that "Timing is Everything" is so true for riding pour-overs and playing in other rock garden features. We can help . . .

Join us for this 1 or 2 day class refining your skills for running pour-overs and playing in ocean rock gardens. With our coaching, you will be running pour-overs with finesse and style. This is the perfect adventure for those who want to play and work on skills like timing.

Prerequisite skills include ability to swim 25 yards with your equipment, fitness and paddling skills to paddle 6 miles, maneuvering in tight spaces, paddling backwards with control, bracing, being able to paddle as a group, and self and buddy rescue skills.  To maximize your success and fun, we highly recommend taking Liquid Fusion Kayaking's Touring Ocean Rock Gardens Class prior to taking the Pour-Over Class.  Dressing for immersion (wetsuits or drysuits) is required.  For more recommended skills check out the American Canoe Association Coastal Kayaking Skills - Level 3.  

Check our calendar for availability or call us to schedule a private lesson or custom class.

$135/person/day (kayak rentals are available for $50/kayak/day)  Space is limited to 6 participants to maximize everyone's fun learning.

We teach this class as both a 1 and 2 day class.  Check our calendar for dates and availability or contact us to schedule a private lesson or custom class.

Next LFK Pour-Over Class is August 17-18, 2019. Do you want to do it before then? Contact us about a private lesson.