Thanks for checking out our list of frequently asked questions.  If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us.


Why choose Liquid Fusion Kayaking?  We love paddling and know that you will love paddling with us.  Our tour and class sizes are small and each event is customized to fit the interests and abilities of the group.  All Liquid Fusion Kayaking events are run by Jeff or Cate who are professionally trained kayak instructors, knowledgeable about the local wildlife and history, and love sharing the waters of the Mendocino Coast with others. 

We paddle the Noyo River, Noyo Bay, and Mendocino Coastline so much that we know where all the wildlife hang out and have named many of the rocks and coastal features.  Come paddle with us and find out their names and how they were named.

If you are interested in learning to kayak or improving your skills, Liquid Fusion Kayaking will get you on the way to paddling perfection.  Both Jeff and Cate are certified kayak instructors and master teachers.  As a teaching team,  Jeff and Cate combine their skills to make a dynamic learning environment for their students that involves guided practice, immediate feedback, individualized instruction, and video analysis.

How do I sign up for a tour or class? There are 2 ways to sign up for an adventure with us.  1.  Use the reservation link to make  your reservation.  2.  Call us (707) 962-1623 to sign up.  Our adventures sell out so we recommend reserving your space early.

Where are you located?  Our business location is in Noyo's South Harbor at Dolphin Isle Marina; however, we run trips in variety of locations and are not often at the marina.  We recommend contacting us with a phone call or email before trying to find us.

Do you rent kayaks?  We do not rent kayaks for individuals to take out on their own.  Our kayak fleet is exclusively for Liquid Fusion Kayaking events.  For Kayak Rentals in the Fort Bragg area - Check with Subsurface Progression or the Noyo Fishing Center.

Can I bring my dog?  We recommend a private tour for owners that want to bring their dog (our same policy for families that want to bring small children).  This is for the enjoyment and safety of everyone including dogs.

Some dogs are great kayaking companions and are perfectly content cruising around in a kayak while other dogs are nervous or bark at wildlife or want to swim.   Here's a link to tips for kayaking with your dog.

What trips do you recommend for kids? Kids love kayaking, and we love sharing the outdoors via kayak with them.  We recommend our Noyo Meander or Sunset Bird Paddle for families with children.  Our tandem kayaks are stable and comfortable for all sizes and ages.  We even have special kids seats for kids under the age of 5.

Whitewater of the Sea is an option for adventuresome kids who are good swimmers and 12 years or older.

What if the weather is bad?  We run our trips rain, fog, or shine.  Waterproof paddling gear makes paddling in the rain and fog magical.  The Noyo River is protected and is accessible most of the time.  Storms with gale force winds and producing several inches of rain are pretty much the only condition that will make us cancel a trip on the Noyo.  

If ocean conditions are not going to be favorable for our scheduled adventure, we will modify the adventure.  If we cancel a trip for any reason, you will receive a full refund.

Where are the sea caves on the Noyo River?  The Mendocino Coast is littered with sea caves; however, they are in the ocean not on our coastal rivers.  We do have "Tree Caves" on the Noyo River that are fun to paddle under and slalom around.

Can I sign up for a sea cave tour?  We don't offer daily sea cave tours.  We will see the sea caves and sometimes go in them on our Wet n Wild - Whitewater of the Sea Adventure (sometimes we even swim into the caves) and we will tour sea caves on our custom sea kayak tours.

What type of kayaks do you use?  We use all types of kayaks depending upon the adventure.  Typically, we use the type of kayaks that you "sit inside."  We use these because they are warmer, faster, drier, and more efficient.  These boats are more stable than most sit-on-top kayaks and a capsize on our recreational level adventures is highly unlikely.  In the event of a capsize, paddlers come out of the boat just like they would if they capsized a sit-on-top kayak.

We use sit-on-top kayaks for our Whitewater of the Sea, Surfzone FUNdamentals, and Intro to Ocean Kayaking Classes.

What do I wear?  Wear your street clothes on our Noyo Meander, Sunset Bird Paddle, and Tracks to Kayaks Tours.  We provide Lightweight tennis shoes tend to work best for footwear on these tours.  We recommend that you leave all valuable jewelry behind and have a retainer strap for your glasses or sunglasses. Sunglasses and a ball cap are nice on bright sunny days.

Wetsuits or Drysuits are necessary for our ocean adventures.  Check what to bring section of each adventure for more on what to wear or contact us with questions.

Should I bring my camera?  It is up to you.  Many people bring their camera and find that they are so engaged in the tour that they forget to take photos.  For the shutterbug, we have amazing scenery and wildlife that you will enjoy capturing with your camera.  A wrist strap or lanyard is definitely recommended.  We don't assume responsibility for your camera so we recommend that you bring a waterproof type or waterproof housing, and/or a dry bag.  Contact us prior to your tour if you need to rent a dry bag from us.

Or let us take the photos for you.  We typically carry a camera with us during events.  Ask us to take photos.  At the end of the day, we upload our photos into our photo gallery so that you can see photos and videos from your adventure.  You can share the photos and videos with your friends and can purchase prints, downloads, or merchandise from the gallery.