This Art of Sea Kayaking Mendocino is a 5 day instructional adventure for intermediate to advanced sea kayakers looking for an in-depth Mendocino Sea Kayaking experience.  

During this 6 day class/tour paddlers will hone their paddling skills specific to rock gardens, sea caves, and surf zones while enjoying the best of the Mendocino Coast.  Paddlers must have intermediate/advanced level coastal kayak skills and a reliable roll and approval of LFK to join in this trip.  This trip consists of 5 days on the water and a day off mid-week to enjoy other aspects of the Mendocino Coast.

Liquid Fusion Kayaking’s Cate Hawthorne and Jeff Laxier will ensure that paddlers get a comprehensive Mendocino Paddling Experience.  Local knowledge of coastal conditions and unique paddling (play)spots, flora/fauna, wildlife, historical points of interest, and tales of local happenings are all part of the experience.  Each day, we will sea kayak a different stretch of the Mendocino Coast that embodies the focus for the day and will build on skills from the previous day.  Day five will be a special journey based on paddlers interests.

Day One - Touring Ocean Rock Gardens - Reading the water, traveling through rock gardens, scouting, paddling as a team, launching and landing among the rocks, planning, group management, and safety and rescue are essential skills for sea kayaking in ocean rock gardens. 

Day Two - Surfzone FUN - Launch, land, and play in the surf zone with control, safety, finesse, and FUN!!!  Boat control skills in the surfzone directly transfer to boat control in rock gardens.  We will hone boat control skills as we paddle and play in the surf zone.

Day Three or Day Four will be a rest day.  This is an opportunity for you to rest but also see the rest of the Mendocino Coast.  Go hiking or mountain biking in the redwood forest (rally Cate or Jeff to share the magic of the redwood forest with you), explore coastal headlands, check out local artists(watch our friends at Glass Fire blow glass), take a ride on the Skunk Train, visit the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, play a round of disc golf, taste Mendocino County wines or beers or relax and enjoy the quiet beauty of the Mendocino Coast.  Hit us up for recommendations.

Day Four - The Art of Pour-Overs - How many pour-overs can you run in one day?  We will see.  This session isn't just about quantity but also quality.  With our coaching, you will be running pour-overs with finesse and style.  This is the perfect adventure for those who want to play and work on skills like timing.

Day Five - Magical Mendocino Sea Caves- Experience the magic of kayaking into sea caves.  We share the tips n tricks for exploring sea caves as well as spend a day journeying into our favorite caves.  

Day Six - Paddler's Choice - we will ask for your feedback and design a special adventure

For extra fun – consider adding a Whitewater of the Sea Adventure with us the day prior to the 5 day class.

We love teaching The Art of Sea Kayaking Mendocino.  It gives sea kayakers the opportunity for specific skill-oriented rock garden instruction and the opportunity to experience different stretches of the Mendocino Coast (many that others rarely paddle).

Come experience The Art of Sea Kayaking Mendocino with us!  You might be surprised what we can show you.  If you can't attend this 5 day, consider joining us for our special 2 day trips or rallying your friends to schedule a custom Art of Sea Kayaking Mendocino Adventure. 


Full day 1 person - $375/person

Full day 2 people - $200/person

Full day 3 people - $150/person

Full day 4-5 people $135/person

Pricing is based on instruction on the Mendocino Coast and participants using their own equipment.  Kayak rentals are $50/day and gear rentals (wetsuit/splashtop/helmet/boots) are $10/day.


Full Day Private Lesson $275/person
Full Day Private Lesson for 2  $150/person