Weather on the Mendocino Coast is quite variable.  One minute can be warm and sunny and the next cool and overcast.  

Weather forecasting is notoriously problematic on the Mendocino Coast - especially the marine forecast.  We are in a unique micro-climate created by Cape Mendocino which gives us quite different weather from the forecasting area in Eureka.  Here are links to our favorite weather forecasting sites . . . Your best bet is to plan for the worst and then enjoy what it is!


Weather Underground

NOAA Marine Forecast - Look at Cape Mendocino to Point Arena out 10NM

Noyo River Tides

Swell Watch

Point Arena Buoy - 

Cape Mendocino Buoy

Caspar Beach Webcam

Mendocino Community Network - Current Weather in Mendocino

Dreamflows - Whitewater River Flows for California