What has always impressed me about LFK’s trips and classes is the encyclopedic knowledge Jeff and Cate have about the natural world we’re paddling in. Be it birding, foraging for dinner or studying waves and beaches; you always leave feeling much more “attuned” to the natural world then when you started.
— John "Hawk" Martin

From Dry and Mild to Wet and Wild . . .

A Liquid Fusion Kayaking Adventure for Everyone

Explore the placid Noyo River Estuary or kayak and play in the rock gardens and sea caves of the Mendocino Coast.  You will be intrigued by wildlife and inspired by rugged beauty.

Experience more than a tour - engage in an interactive and educational adventure.

 With small group sizes, Liquid Fusion Kayaking's expert guides are at your side - enhancing the experience and sharing secrets of the wildlife and history of the Mendocino Coast that only locals know. 

Noyo Meander

A Dry and Mild Kayak Tour on the Noyo River Estuary

Relax with a meander on the placid waters of the Noyo where all ages are delighted by curious harbor seals, amazed by gigantic sea lions, teased by quirky river otters, and intrigued with coastal birds.  Wear your street clothes and enjoy a dry, comfortable ride in our tandem kayaks.  Available Mid-May through Labor Day.

Sunset Bird Paddle

Enjoy the tranquility of an evening paddle on the peaceful waters of Fort Bragg's Noyo River.  We don't go far or fast on this tour, but relax and enjoy mother nature's show.  This dry and mild kayak tour is perfect for all ages and abilities who want to enjoy a quiet evening on the water and watch wildlife.  Available Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Whitewater of the Sea

A Wet and Wild Mendocino Kayaking Adventure

Are you adventuresome? 
Willing to play hard and get wet?
THEN . . .
Welcome to our playground! 

Experience a 3 hour playful exploration of the Mendocino Coast, kayaking in waves and ocean rock gardens.  We show you all the tricks you need to kayak and play in our coast's rocky features.  Dart into sea caves, glide down waves, and marvel at the incredible beauty of the wild Mendocino Coast.  Available Mid-May through Labor Day.

Sea Kayaking the Mendocino Coast

Enjoy a mystical journey on the Mendocino Coast in a sea kayak.  Explore dramatic geological features, be intrigued by marine wildlife, and inspired by rugged beauty.  Explore sea caves, arches, sea stacks, and secluded coves on the Mendocino Coast with Liquid Fusion Kayaking's experienced guides.

Whitewater, Rock Garden, and Surf Kayak Tours and Safaris

Got Skills?
Custom Sea, Whitewater River, Rock Garden, and Surf Adventures for Experienced Paddlers
Welcome to our playground! 

Sea - Single to multiday tours of the Mendocino Coast

River - Whitewater River Kayaking Tours 

Rock Garden - Whitewater of the Sea, Waves n Caves Weekends, Rock Garden Safari's

Surf- Private sessions, kayak surf safaris

Whitewater n Surf Safaris - The Ultimate Mendocino Whitewater Kayak Adventure