Sea Kayaking the Mendocino Coast


Enjoy a mystical journey on the Mendocino Coast in a sea kayak.  Explore dramatic geological features, be intrigued by marine wildlife, and inspired by rugged beauty.  Explore sea caves, arches, sea stacks, rock gardens, and secluded coves on the Mendocino Coast with Liquid Fusion Kayaking's Cate Hawthorne and Jeff Laxier.

Sea kayak on the Mendocino Coast with Liquid Fusion Kayaking and get expert instruction and guiding from a local's perspective.  Our sea kayak tours are customized to the participants' interests and skill levels.  To maximize your experience, here are some recommendations for planning your sea kayaking adventure with us.


Those who have not had formal kayak instruction and previous sea kayak experience.  Must be 14 years of age or older.

  • Noyo Sea Kayak Tour - a sea kayak journey through the Noyo River, Harbor and into the Pacific Ocean ($100/person)

  • Whitewater of the Sea - aka Rock Gardening. For those that are adventuresome and willing to get wet this is a super fun option ($100/person).

  • Art of Sea Kayaking 101 - 2 day introductory sea kayak class and tour

  • Custom/Private Ocean Kayak Tour - 2-3 hour custom tour - $320 for 2 people, $400 for 3-4 people (all equipment provided). Contact us to schedule.

  • A 2 hour tour in the front of a tandem sea kayak paddled by an LFK Guide ($300/person includes all equipment). Contact us to schedule.


Those who sea kayak regularly - 1-2 times per month - Usually paddling on protected waters or the ocean on a calm day.

  • The Art of Sea Kayaking Mendocino - join us for one or all of the series.

  • 5 Day Art of Sea Kayaking Mendocino - fun, intensive 5 day instructional adventure

  • Whitewater of the Sea - super fun rock garden play with whitewater kayaks ($100/person)

  • Sea Kayak Coastal Play Day - One day of fun coastal sea kayak rock garden play and exploration

  • Sea Kayak Mendo - Your Way - Let us develop a custom tour specific to your paddling skills and interests. We recommend 2 or more days to maximize the experience - day one is skill building and play and day two is touring and play. (see below for pricing)


BCU 3 Star Sea or ACA Level 4 or higher with experience paddling in dynamic waters and a reliable roll.


Sea Kayak Tours for individuals with their own kayaks and equipment (kayak and equipment rentals are available):

1/2 day 1 person - $200**

1/2 day 2 people - $150/person**

1/2 day 3 people - $125/person**

1/2 day 4-5 people - $100/person**

Full day 1 person - $395**

Full day 2 people - $225/person**

Full day 3 people - $175 person**

Full day 4-5 people $150/person**

2 hour trip in the front of a tandem sea kayak paddled by an LFK Guide.  All equipment provided   $300/person

**Sea kayak and equipment rentals are available for our tours.  Sea Kayak Rentals are $50/day and Gear Rentals (wetsuit/helmet/splashtop/boots) - $10/day.