Sea Kayak Rock Gardening Class on the Mendocino Coast

Touring Ocean Rock Gardens involves reading the water, traveling through rock gardens, scouting, paddling as a team, launching and landing among the rocks, planning, group management, and safety and rescue.  This is the perfect class for increasing water reading skills and comfort paddling in near the rocks and learning how to paddle rock gardens as a team.

We will be using single touring kayaks for this trip.  Previous kayak training  and skills are necessary.  

Prerequisite skills include ability to swim 25 yards with your equipment, fitness and paddling skills to paddle 6 miles, maneuvering in tight spaces, paddling backwards with control, bracing, being able to paddle as a group, and self and buddy rescue skills.  Dressing for immersion (wetsuits or drysuits) is required.  For more recommended skills check out the American Canoe Association Coastal Kayaking Skills - Level 2.

$135/person/day (paddlers using their own sea kayaks and equipment)

Sea kayak and equipment rentals are available $50 for a plastic sea kayak, paddle, and spray skirt.  Wetsuit and splash jacket rentals are $10.

We teach this class as both a 1 and 2 day class.  Check our calendar for dates and availability or contact us to schedule a private lesson or custom class.

Next LFK Rock Garden 101 Class is June 22-23, 2019