Whitewater Kayaking Class I

Whitewater kayaking is fun and exciting way to experience river valleys.  Learn the basics of whitewater kayaking to safely enjoy and paddle whitewater rivers.

Why: Learn the essential kayaking skills to safely paddle whitewater rivers.

This course is a prerequisite for all of our whitewater kayaking classes and trips.

Who: Anyone wanting to kayak whitewater rivers.  No previous kayaking experience necessary.

What: A 2 day class with on land and on water instruction and application.  The curriculum for this class is based on the American Canoe Association's Level 2: Essentials of River Kayaking

Paddlers will learn and apply concepts and skills involved in:

Gear fit, form, and function

Basic Strokes

Balance and Bracing

Self-Rescue Skills


River Hydrology and water reading

Swiftwater safety

Eddy Turns


Understanding personal limitations and skill level


April 2-3, 2014

If these dates don't work, rally your friends and schedule a class or private session.

How: Call to reserve your spot or schedule a class or private session. (707) 962-1623

How much: 

$199/person for 2 day class (3-6 paddlers)

$250/person for 2 day class (1-2 paddlers)

Where: Noyo River or other rivers on the Coast Range of Northern California.