Whitewater, Rock Garden, and Surf Kayak Tours and Safaris

Come Play with Us!!!

Mendocino has rock gardens, waves, caves, surf, and whitewater rivers.  Check out our calendar and join us for one of our Safaris, or rally some paddling pals and contact us to schedule your own custom Mendocino Kayaking Safari or Tour.

Whitewater River Kayaking - Class II-IV whitewater river trips on the Eel River (Dec-May - Rain Dependent) 

Rock Gardening and Kayak Surfing - Year-round Whitewater of the Sea FUN!

Sea Kayak, Camp, Surf n Rock Garden - 3 day sea kayak rock garden, surfing, kayak camping trip September 1-3, 2018

Rock'n Surf Safari - Multi Day Rock Garden and Surf Kayak Tour of the Mendocino Coast May 25-26, 2018

Mendocino Whitewater n Surf Safari - Whitewater River Kayaking + Ocean Rock Gardening + Surf Kayaking = the trifecta of Mendocino Whitewater Kayaking. New Years 2017/2018 and Presidents Day Weekend 2018

Sea Rock N Surf Safari - Experience the trilogy of Mendocino Coast Kayaking - Sea kayak through sea caves and rock gardens, run pour-overs and play on other rock garden features, and surf kayak.

Waves n Caves Weekend - 2-3 day custom weekend includes camping and food.


Kayak Rock Garden Adventures for Individuals with their own kayaks and equipment

1/2 day 2 people - $100/person

1/2 day 3-5 people - $75/person

Full day 1 person - $375

Full day 2 people - $200/person

Full day 3 people - $150/person

Full day 4-6 people $135/person

Kayak and equipment rentals are available.  Kayak Rentals are $50/day.  Gear Rentals (wetsuit/helmet/splashtop/boots) are $10/day.


 November 2017- March 2018

Full Day Private Lesson $275/person
Full Day Private Lesson for 2  $150/person