AKA Precision River Running
Precision Whitewater Kayaking - Be the paddler that everyone admires as he(she) gracefully carves down the river.  Some paddlers just get down river, muscling their way against the current.  Learn to be the paddler that effortlessly catches every eddy and surfs every wave grinning from ear to ear and finishing the run fresh and ready to run it again.

Why: FUN!!! Develop skills to run rivers with precision and accuracy.

Who: Intermediate through advanced whitewater kayakers who want to improve their river running skills.  (A roll and previous whitewater kayaking experience is necessary).

What: A full day of instruction on the river starting with a 1/2 day clinic of drills and coaching to improve your river running skills.  After the "park and play" training on a rapid, we will run a stretch of the river.  Skills and drills for the clinic will be customized to the participants' skill level and interests and will be based on curriculum from the American Canoe Association's Level 4:Whitewater Kayaking and Level 5: Advanced Whitewater Kayaking Courses.

Skills will include:


Peeling out of eddies and carving into them


Ferrying with precision

Surfing waves and wave holes

Rolling in moving water


Self Rescues

Swiftwater Safety Skills


Contact us to schedule a private lesson or clinic for your group.

Special 3 day Class January 18-20, 2014

Special 2 day Class April 18-19, 2014

How: Call to reserve a spot in one of our classes or to schedule a private session (707) 962-1623.

How much:

Private or Custom Classes and Trips are

     $125/person/day class of 3-6 people (6 hours of water time)

     $199/person/day semi-private instruction (2 people)

     $399/day for 1 person private instruction.

Special January 18-20 - 3 day class $250-$300/person

Special April 18-19 class - $200-$370/person

Where: Coast Range of Mendocino County and Rivers of Northern California