Liquid Fusion Kayaking is about sharing the wonders of the natural world with others.


From mild to wild, we enjoy bird watching on calm waters as well as sea kayaking, whitewater river running and surfing. We feel blessed to be able to paddle the waters of the Mendocino Coast and want to share these magical waters with people of all ages and abilities.

Our goal is to provide fun, personal, interactive, and educational adventures that garner appreciation for wildlife, nature, and kayaking.

Our story 

Established in 2005.  After 10 years as a kayak instructor, Jeff founded Liquid Fusion Kayaking (LFK).  Jeff and LFK toured the west coast from Baja California to Alaska teaching and guiding sea, river, and surf kayaking.  During Jeff's gypsy kayak wanderings, he found lots of paddling fun on the Mendocino Coast and vowed to return there again and again and again.

One day on the Mendocino Coast, he met Cate.  Eventually, Jeff found himself spending more and more time on the Mendocino Coast, and Cate found herself paddling more and more.  In the spring of 2008, Cate and Jeff decided to operate LFK together on the Mendocino Coast.


Cate is a high energy person who loves sharing her passion for learning and the outdoors with others. Cate has several K-12 teaching credentials and a masters degree in education.  After 13 years working in public schools, Cate moved her teaching talents from the classroom to the water.  Kayaking is one of her many outdoor adventure pursuits on the Mendocino Coast.  When not kayaking, Cate is likely to be mountain biking, hiking or running in the forest.  Cate is an avid birder, connoisseur of wild mushrooms, and writer.  She is an ACA certified whitewater and sea kayak instructor, wilderness first responder, and is a Lieutenant in the Tsunami Rangers.  Check out her blogs Woman on Water and Liquid Fusion Kayaking.

Liquid Fusion Kayaking owner Jeff Laxier is a patient instructor, guide and mentor. Jeff has fallen into a passion of teaching many kayak disciplines, since his start in the winter of 1996.

Jeff is certified by the American Canoe Association(ACA)in Advanced Whitewater Kayaking and Coastal Kayaking.  He is certified with the British Canoe Union (BCU) as a Level 3 Sea Coach and holds a 4 Star award in both surf kayaking and sea kayaking, and a 3 Star award in Canoeing. He is certified in Wilderness First Aid, CPR, and Lifeguarding.  A former member of the San Diego Mountain Rescue Team and the U.S. Marine Corps, Jeff has a dedication to exhilarating outdoor activities that know no boundaries.