Learning the Kayak Roll

A reliable roll is recommended for whitewater, surf kayaking, and sea kayaking in dynamic waters.  A roll speeds capsize recovery from minutes to seconds and enhances comfort, safety, and overall fun in the sport.  Paddlers who plan to surf, paddle whitewater, or sea kayak in dynamic waters should learn to roll early in their progression into the sport.

LFK's philosophy on learning to roll - Learning to roll is like learning a foreign language.  During your first language class, you learn to say a few words.  However, if you don't continue to practice those words, you aren't likely to remember how to say them a week or two later.  Many students will accomplish a roll in their first lesson; however, this is only the first step of having a reliable roll.  Learning to roll takes a commitment of several months of regular practice (at least weekly).  We recommend that you have a plan for regular practice sessions before signing up for rolling lessons.

Prerequisites for learning to roll - Comfort in and under the water is key.  Let us help you Get Ready to Roll!  Before starting rolling lessons, we recommend that paddlers are comfortable with holding their breath while upside down in the kayak for at least 10 seconds, can perform controlled wet exits, and effectively receive a bow assist (aka eskimo assist or t-rescue).

Learn to Roll Lessons - We teach the roll over 3 sessions.  It is $258/person - includes kayak rental and pool fees, (1) 1.5 hour initial session, and (2) 1 hour sessions. 

Roll Tune-ups are available for individuals who have learned to roll but are rusty or need a little more work.  Tune-ups are a 1 hour session with 1 to 1 coaching.  We can do them in the pool or in the river.  Pool tune-up sessions are $66/person includes kayak rental and pool fees.  River tune-ups are $50/person.

Rolling in Dynamic Water - After a paddler has 100 successful rolls under their skirt in calm water, we recommend taking the roll to more dynamic waters.  Rolling in dynamic water is typically a part of our sea, whitewater, and surf classes but can also be worked on in a private lesson.  Contact us if you are interested in developing your roll in dynamic water.