Rock Gardening

Whitewater of the Sea

Ocean kayaking on the Mendocino Coast of California is amazing.

On super calm days, you can explore miles of rocky coastline and sea caves. BUT - the truth is that super calm days are few and far in between. When developing a tour to share the magic of ocean kayaking on the Mendocino Coast, we realized that more days were on the sporty side than the mellow side.

We like sporty!!! In 2009, we launched our Whitewater of the Sea Mendocino Ocean Kayak Adventure.

Whitewater of the Sea - aka - kayaking in ocean rock gardens. On the Mendocino Coast, Liquid Fusion Kayaking has created a unique and fun 3 hour whitewater of the sea adventure for beginning through advanced kayakers. This is a great introduction to rock gardening and a fun way to play in the waves, sea caves, and whitewater in the ocean.

LFK’s Whitewater of the Sea is a 3 hour ocean kayak adventure playing in the rock gardens and whitewater features of the Mendocino Coast. No experience is necessary and some of our best participants are first timers. Seasoned paddlers are amazed at how much they get to do and experience with us in such a short period of time. One or our secrets is using highly maneuverable whitewater kayaks. We have sit on top kayaks for those who do not know how to do a kayak roll and whitewater river runners for seasoned paddlers with a reliable roll.

Earlier this summer, we had international traveler and adventurer Kyle Mulinder aka Bare Kiwi join us for a whitewater of the sea adventure. He is a sea kayak guide in New Zealand and was keen to experience an ocean kayaking experience where the instructors take their students into the rocks rather than avoiding them. Kyle had a blast and shared that LFK’s Whitewater of the Sea Adventure was the highlight of his California tour and one of his top 5 adventures to do globally - Thanks Kyle! That’s a huge compliment. Read more about Kyle’s California trip and see his gopro video on this site.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself to Fort Bragg on the Mendocino Coast of California for a

Liquid Fusion Kayaking Whitewater of the Sea Adventure.

If you are on the timid side or not 100% sure that whitewater of the sea is for you, you can schedule it as a private/custom event. If you are adventuresome and ready for some ocean whitewater - use this link to book your trip.

Need more convincing? Here is a video from a recent whitewater of sea adventure with a family celebrating their mom’s special birthday.

Yinz kids from Central PA celebrating their mom's special birthday with an ocean kayak rock gardening and sea cave adventure on the Mendocino Coast of California.